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Missing Brands

Posted on: May 12, 2015

Support Welcome Back! :) Client hey Support Hello Client we installed the plugin i tried to generate the feed but it sayd brand missing we added the brand as well but still errors Support sure... is brand saved anywhere in the plugin for each product? Perhaps as an attribute or custom_field? I mean in the woocommerece installation Client no i have used 10 products in the feed where these products have 5 variants which will add upto 50 is that a problem? Support No, that…

How do I clear my cache?

Posted on: January 29, 2015

In most cases, simply refreshing the page (XML data feed) will show the updated feed. For example, when you've made a change via "Advanced Commands" but still see the old feed, refresh the page (cmd+r or alt+f5) and the changes should appear. For clearing your browser cache right-click on your browser’s version and open in new tab. Windows: Internet Explorer Versions: IE 11 | IE 10 | IE 9 | IE 8 | IE 7 | IE 6 | Safari (Windows): Safari 5 Firefox (Windows):…

Why don’t I see any changes after I’ve applied advanced commands?

Posted on: January 20, 2015

Please refresh the data feed page. At times, your browser will keep the older feed in its cache. If you still do not see changes, make sure you empty any website/store cache. Click the 'update' button just below the advanced command box and Get Feed again.

How do I remove duplicates from my product feed?

Posted on: September 17, 2014

To remove duplicates from your product feed, enter the advanced command: $ignore_duplicates If you find this isn't working, refresh the feed page. Your browser may be holding your previous feed in its cache.

Google: How do I find a Google Category?

Posted on: July 17, 2014

The Google category taxonomy list can be found here.  (or below) Start typing a few letters and you will see the matching Google Category list. Sometimes the Google Category you want will not be listed. Not to worry, simply select the closest match. This is done easily by first describing your product. Search words with results and choose the best category.   taxonomy.en-US.txt # Google_Product_Taxonomy_Version: 2013-12-12 Animals & Pet Supplies Animals & Pet Supplies > Live Animals Animals & Pet Supplies > Pet Supplies Animals…

Nothing happens after I select a merchant type

Posted on: July 8, 2014

Please deactivate and reactivate the plugin. If the problem persists clear your browser cache. Ensure all directories and subdirectories have at least a permission of 755 (but not 777) and that all files have permission 644. Reconfigure any .htaccess files that may be coded to deny *.php files from executing on your server (or follow suggestion #4 below) For users with Sucuri hardening, please add an .htaccess file in the plugin root directory to allow execution of PHP files.

View, Edit, Delete Feeds

Posted on: May 29, 2014

CartProductFeed > Manage Feeds Figure 1: All your generated feeds are accessible and easily managed through this page. View Feed To view a feed click "view" on the feed you want to see. You will be redirected to the data feed. Edit Feed Editing a feed will bring you to a page similar to the Create Feed page Click "Edit" You will be brought to the edit feed page Here you can re-map attributes & modify categories. If you are using advanced commands, generally it's…