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Amazon: How do I get my products to show up on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms and if you want to be a successful business, it’s almost a given that your products have to be listed on it. But there are thousands of products listed on Amazon, so how do you get your products to stand out? Use Keywords Your Client Would Use […]

Amazon: Why is my Product Id Type field blank?

The product id type field looks at product id number and assigns GCID / UPC / EAN according to the number of digits. According to Amazon: The standard-product-id must have a specific number of characters according to type: GCID (16 alphanumeric characters), UPC (12 digit number), EAN (13 digit number) or GTIN(14 digit number). Please […]

Amazon: How do I set a manufacturer?

The manufacturer field, for simplicity is pulled from an attribute ‘brand’ (most cases they are the same). Here’s what you can do to override it. deleteAttribute manufacturer setAttributeDefault mfg as “Your Manufacturer” mapAttribute mfg as manufacturer setParam localized_name “manufacturer”  

How Do I used Advanced Commands with the Amazon Template?

Please refer to this page: Advanced Commands with Amazon Seller

Amazon Seller Setup

1) With Amazon seller central, you will need a professional seller account where you can access their bulk upload tool. You can find steps here: 2) At this time Amazon does not have an automatic pull (from URL), nor does our plugin have a push-to-Amazon feature. For now you may look at alternatives such […]

Amazon: What Inventory File Templates are supported?

We are gradually implementing Amazon templates from all regions and categories. The ones listed below are from Amazon US. If you don’t see the region/category below or are unsure, let us know and we will update the plugin!

How do I exclude products from the feed?

To exclude a product or products and it’s variations from a data feed, create a Custom Field “valid” with a value of “false” for each excluded product.

How do I create a default brand in my feed?

If your products are all the same brand (example: Your Brand) and you want to define this in your feed without updating each product one by one, in the advanced commands area type: For Google: setAttributeDefault brand as “Your Brand” mapAttribute brand to g:brand  For Amazon: deleteAttribute band setAttributeDefault brand as “Your Brand” mapAttribute brand to brand setParam […]