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Do you support multilingual plugins?

Yes. If your WooCommerce is set up using WPML for instance, we can target different countries by exporting products from your language-specific category. Additional prices or currencies may be mapped via Custom Attributes if needed, or easily modified using the Advanced Commands below. For example. If my prices are set up in USD, we apply […]

Do you support different Currency? USD,CAD,GBP,Euro,SF,DM,Peso

for sure we support this – you can select a currency (and calculated price difference) with our advanced commands: for example: $currency = EUR $discount = 0.8 (0.8 is whatever exchange rate you would have against the base currency in Woo – in this example we have USD as the base, and a 20% exchange […]

Is my country’s currency supported?

Your prices can be modified to be in the currency for the target country. Google Shopping supports these’s country’s. Each merchant (Amazon, Google, Bing) will react differently with currency settings – on their side (some want the currency values, others don’t) – however, our plugin will export your native currency as you have it configured. To export […]

Does the Google Product Feed only support Google USA (or .com) ?

Not at all! Our customers can upload their feeds to all countries that the Google Merchant Program supports.  For example, we currently have a client specializing in women’s makeup and skin care products that uploads their product information to the US, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand, all with separate feeds, and all from the same shopping cart! […]