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Is it possible to map from YITH Brand (woocommerce plugin) fields?

Yes. The mapTaxonomy command can be used to “pull” the taxonomy field. The following advanced commands will use this field for brands (and map it to the Google g:brand field) #map from yith brand fields. mapTaxonomy yith_product_brand to brand mapAttribute brand to g:brand

Google: The gender is showing as default despite it appearing as male or female in the product attribute. How do I resolve this?

Sometimes, the plugin detects the previously saved attributes. This might be due to our plugin detecting the value saved at some point of time. To resolve this, add set attribute_granularity to 0 command in the ‘Advanced Commands’ box and click on ‘Update’. The command above basically tells the plugin to not search/find extra attributes from […]

Does the Google shopping feed do custom_label_0, custom_label_1, etc.?

Yes! On the Create New Feed page, under “Show Additional Attributes” you can find options to map to these custom labels. Alternatively, you can set these attributes to static values with the advanced command: setAttributeDefault custom_label_0 as “MyCustomLabel”  

Google: Is there a limit to shipping weight?

Google Merchant may invalidate items with shipping weights greater than 70 lbs. In GMC > Settings > Shipping there would be an option to create a shipping rates based on a weight table or rule. We suggest tinkering around with the shipping settings on GMC, where they regularly update their settings:

How can I include value added tax (VAT) in my prices?

Some merchants like Google Shopping require value added tax (VAT) has to be included in the price. To do this, open the advanced command box in our plugin and type: rule discount(1.2,*) This will increase all regular prices by 20% (ie. multiply current prices by 1.2). You can change the rate as desired.

Does the plugin integrate with WooThemes Google Product Feed?

Yes. Google Product Feed by WooThemes creates alternate fields for description and brand (and a host of other fields). Our Shopping Cart Product Feed plugin can fetch these fields, allowing you to map them into your Google feed using our plugin. To do this, use the advanced command: $google_merchant_center = true

How do I exclude products from the feed?

To exclude a product or products and it’s variations from a data feed, create a Custom Field “valid” with a value of “false” for each excluded product.

How do I create a default brand in my feed?

If your products are all the same brand (example: Your Brand) and you want to define this in your feed without updating each product one by one, in the advanced commands area type: For Google: setAttributeDefault brand as “Your Brand” mapAttribute brand to g:brand  For Amazon: deleteAttribute band setAttributeDefault brand as “Your Brand” mapAttribute brand to brand setParam […]

Google: How do I set shipping information?

There are two ways to configure Google shipping settings. 1. Shipping information can be set from inside your Google Merchant account under Settings > Shipping. There are countless ways to provide shipping information to users here. For more information on the Google shipping, click here. 2. Setting a flat shipping fee to your feeds To […]

Google: How do I find a Google Category?

The Google category taxonomy list can be found here.  (or below) Start typing a few letters and you will see the matching Google Category list. Sometimes the Google Category you want will not be listed. Not to worry, simply select the closest match. This is done easily by first describing your product. Search words with […]